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Lejog 2012

lloydwatkin view on twitter...

Route map

The map will scale to cover the journey as it happens


  • Had cast removed today revealing the operation scar, with match up nicely with the one on the left wrist #lejog #cycle http://t.co/HlmOliwG
    6:43pm Thursday 17th May 2012
  • Sorry for lack of #lejog updates, but my trip stooped short, just got out of surgery but am ok #fb http://t.co/KnJ5Fhr1
    1:33pm Thursday 3rd May 2012
  • Not the worst spot ever for lunch, there's even a seal playing in the loch just in front of us :) #lejog #fb http://t.co/ug5EPcvr
    1:18pm Monday 30th April 2012
  • Very strong headwind again, but the view makes it so worth it #t #lejog #fb http://t.co/dhqKKxqG
    10:35am Monday 30th April 2012
  • Let on for free by a very nice man #lejog #t #fb (@ Sound Of Scarba Ferry) [pic]: http://t.co/5gNHOs3Q
    12:14pm Sunday 29th April 2012
  • Stunning, just stunning #Scotland #lejog #t #fb http://t.co/nzXxd74i
    9:36am Sunday 29th April 2012
  • Managed to book a great hotel at a great price. 85 mile day, headwinds still but no rain! #lejog #t #fb
    6:59pm Saturday 28th April 2012
  • Cows ignore cars but seem absolutely fascinated with bikes,if they could do something we can I think it would be to cycle a bike #lejog #fb
    2:50pm Saturday 28th April 2012
  • Stopped in Annan for a Scottish brealfast, looks yummy #fb #lejog http://t.co/obspprPO
    9:10am Saturday 28th April 2012
  • Did someone let the jooce loose aboot this hoose? http://t.co/y6irMSlK #lejog #fb #t http://t.co/LltJAeLp
    6:10pm Friday 27th April 2012
  • Rally going on in Carlisle, we're heading across the border to Scotland though after a quick coffee http://t.co/os8hMhdM #lejog #t
    3:35pm Friday 27th April 2012
  • Going to climb a hill :) #lejog #thttp://yfrog.com/nuf4uvfj
    9:49am Friday 27th April 2012
  • We're quite excited here, its not raining for once, might even get into shorts again! #lejog
    6:36am Friday 27th April 2012
  • Hard earned, well enjoyed http://t.co/JYbvaGHI #lejog
    10:02pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • Need to rest well for we start the march on Scotland in the morrow #lejog #t #fb http://t.co/2lbNAYPR
    9:43pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • Need to rest well for we make the march on Scotland in the morrow #fb #lejog #t http://t.co/2lbNAYPR
    9:40pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • Epic day, 93 miles into strong headwind, even stopped raining at the end of the day! #lejog http://t.co/nVUoUc5O
    9:40pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • Home of the hotpot #t #lejog http://t.co/5fVU5v8Q http://t.co/KzUO4sPd
    1:28pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • RT @LowlySysAdm1n: Staggered by the progress that @lloydwatkin is making on #lejog. Keep it up mate, we're all proud of you! #legsofsteel
    1:26pm Thursday 26th April 2012
  • Arrived in Wigan, made good progress this morning. Has been like a tour of the #rugbyleague motherland #lejog #t #fb
    11:01am Thursday 26th April 2012
  • RT @live_life_vegan: Cannot believe @lloydwatkin has got Tarpoley for the end of Day 5 of #lejog Well done!
    10:58am Thursday 26th April 2012
  • A very hard day into the wind and rain, soaked to the bone and knackered. Stopping for food before heading to Tarporley #lejog #fb #t
    2:59pm Wednesday 25th April 2012
  • Spending the evening near Ludlow. Another good day but lots of knee pain http://t.co/fxbSjEc8 #t #lejog
    5:47am Wednesday 25th April 2012
  • Heading to Hereford now #lejog #t http://t.co/w8wEYbMo
    12:13pm Tuesday 24th April 2012
  • Back in the Land of my fathers and it feels damn good! #lejog #t #fb http://t.co/Cng4jRoI
    7:44am Tuesday 24th April 2012
  • This shit is about to go international ;) #lejog #t
    7:26am Tuesday 24th April 2012
  • In Clevedon, another 20 miles to Avonmouth and that's day 3 done and dusted http://t.co/TxvfpW7d #lejog #t #fb
    5:13pm Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Say cheese! http://t.co/5sb65Iph #lejog
    2:44pm Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Dan has decided to stop due to a very painful calf. Really sad to see him go especially as he was the best prepared by far #lejog #t #fb
    1:31pm Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Another miserable day, soaked to the skin, shivering, and can't feel my feet. Still we're in Somerset #lejog #fb #t http://t.co/RnyLb9cD
    10:00am Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Stopped for the night, the "local" pub does a free taxi service... result #lejog #t
    7:04pm Sunday 22nd April 2012
  • Stopped for food, Dartmoor was horrible, hail and rain the entire way, sun out now so a short cycle to our b&b #lejog #t
    4:17pm Sunday 22nd April 2012
  • Crossing Dartmoor in rain and hail has not been the most fun ever http://t.co/iaR7821P #lejog #t
    3:33pm Sunday 22nd April 2012
  • We are entering Devon, which is great as Dan has been rather uncomplimentary about Cornwall #lejog #t http://t.co/oOGw6Vur
    9:38am Sunday 22nd April 2012
  • Day 2 has begun, planning on getting to Taunton via Exeter http://t.co/jj2pAcqZ #lejog #t Dan enjoying the tops of long climbs...
    8:15am Sunday 22nd April 2012
  • End of day 1, 80 miles covered, lots of hills, pint of Betty Stoggs to celebrate #lejog #fb #t
    6:31pm Saturday 21st April 2012
  • Have booked our b&b in Liskeard for the evening about 20 miles left today #lejog #t
    2:35pm Saturday 21st April 2012
  • Lunch time, 56 miles covered so far, eating like troopers :) #lejog #fb #t
    2:09pm Saturday 21st April 2012
  • The sun has come out, just after the hail passed #lejog http://t.co/h8JXXbAv
    8:43am Saturday 21st April 2012
  • ...and so it begins, on a very cold and blowy morning #lejog #fb #t http://t.co/v92Apscb
    7:35am Saturday 21st April 2012
  • With cat-like tread I approach Penzance (couldn't resist that one) #lejog
    6:49pm Friday 20th April 2012
  • Arrived at Plymouth for second train to Penzance, then a 12 mile cycle to Lands end, followed by hotel bar #fb #lejog
    4:53pm Friday 20th April 2012
  • @ellie_bennett_ Thanks Ellie, look forward to reading your book on my return and comparing notes on #realale #lejog
    7:25am Friday 20th April 2012
  • Writing a quick Twitter/Google maps mashup for my #lejog trip http://t.co/sjtbgOsK
    8:55pm Tuesday 10th April 2012
  • Survived 3 days of #Cornish hills relatively well, back in two weeks for the big ride! #lejog
    2:48pm Sunday 8th April 2012
  • In St Ives, very sunny day. Lots of Cornish hills climbed, another 30ish miles to do today #lejog #fb http://t.co/JkOlUCc5
    12:43pm Friday 6th April 2012
  • Heading down to #cornwall for a weekend of training ready for #lejog #cycle trip in two weeks #fb
    5:22pm Thursday 5th April 2012

On 20th April 2012 myself along with Dan Bicknell and Roz Chatham will be heading off to cycle the 1,000 miles (approx) from Lands End to John O’Groats. We will be doing this unsupported staying in B&Bs throughout the journey. We expect to take somewhere in the region of 12 – 14 days which equates to 70 – 80 miles cycling per day.

We’re going to roughly follow one of the more popular routes, making changes as required and discussing the route for each following day the evening before – knowing me in a pub. If we reach John O’Groats before 15 days then the current plan, should we not be completely fed up with cycling, is to head over to the Orkneys for a couple more days cycling (looking forward to this as I haven’t been since I went diving in Scapa flow).

I wish there was a more interesting story about the ride, but we’re just doing it for the hell of it. We all met via BMF at Victoria Park in Bristol, became friends and started heading out cycling, the rest as they say is history.

This system is populated from my twitter account @lloydwatkin and the map will scale to cover my entire journey as it progresses. Comments can be left at the bottom of the page…


We are raising money for Pachawawas who are a Bristol-based charity trying to fund the building of an orphanage for Peruvian babies and children who have been taken away from their families due to abuse or neglect. The building the orphanage currently operates in is on loan and certainly leaves a lot to be desired in terms of its suitability.

They are working hard to raise the funds to build a custom built orphanage which will improve the quality of life for the children and babies who live there and make the job of the full time local volunteers much easier (and they certainly deserve it with over 20 babies and children to take care of)! Pachawawas also provide volunteers who help out with childcare and domestic tasks.

If you are able please make a small donation via their webstite which is  – www.pachawawas.com



11 Responses to “Lejog 2012”

  1. Pachawawas says:

    Good luck guys! Thank you so much for helping us to build the new orphanage :-) Hope you have good weather.

  2. Megan says:

    I love you Lloyd. I hope you get over those hills well now. As you tell me: only 10miles left for today: You can do it!

    Cannot wait for you to be back home – Dylan is a crap guard-cat! :D xXx

  3. nicola pembridge says:

    hi guys are you actually coming through hereford? it looks from the route that you will be. let me know as thats where i live and have been over to the orphange 2 times so would be great to support you. maybe even get in my local paper?

  4. Megan says:

    Very proud of you! Go Lloyd <3 xXx

  5. Altron says:

    Well, sounds as though you had a better day? Couldn’t really have got any worse than yesterday..! Hope it gets less busy and wilder as you head up north, good luck!x

  6. Selena Ellis says:

    Way to go Lloyd, and a great cause too :-) hoping the weather dries up a little for you for the rest of your journey!

  7. GLENDA says:

    Hi Lloyd we real proud of what a wonderful achievement

    lots of love

    mum & dad xxx

  8. Sian Roberts says:

    Well done Lloyd! You’re doing so well! I can’t even ride a bike around corners!!! Keep it up x

  9. well done Watkin we are so proud of you, bet the water holes helped a lot lol

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